Everyone Knows Man’s Best Friend, Not Many Know His Worst Enemy

A dog is on The University of Tennessee Campus. Protesters are shouting at bystanders and passer-byers. The Dog has an election button on his collar, clearly his candidate of choice, and is passing by the protestors calmly to get to his class. A student, whose also a protester, walks up to him. The protester one look at the dog’s collar and spits at the dog’s feet. “You are a racist” the Protester shouts, or “You are a white supremacist, look at you, you only care about yourself or other white hound dogs.” How would you feel walking by a dog that is getting berated for a campaign button quietly on his collar? That dog did not do anything to that yelling student. Dogs cannot be racist, and they are not called these things on the daily; however, many students on campus receive similar comments by protestors while coming in contact with active protest. Protest should be stopped because they are not the best method of speaking out against something; and should not be allowed on campus because it disrupts, disrespects, and deters students in a majorly negative way.                                                        1bp9.jpgdogs_for_trump_pinback_button-rce01825cf97b49eebed10c05d4ef55c8_x7j17_8byvr_324.jpg

What people, protesters or not, love are dogs. If protesting can harden one’s heart towards an animal, that something should be stopped. Despite if your candidate was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we can all agree everyone loves dogs and that not only dogs should be respected, but people. Another thing we could all agree on is the fact that protest on campus produce no benefits or positive effects to college life. Protest on our campus gets out of hand quickly. The Washington Post has been covering the protest from all different Universities, including Michigan State, Arizona State and a handful of others are protesting, including our campus. These protest get out of hand very quickly. Gathering on the main walkway used to travel to class is the first issue with The University of Tennessee’s anti-Trump protest. Blocking the path to class is not a credible way to get people to stop and listen to you. Blocking someone’s path and making them behind time stresses people out. Along with the negative chants shouted and chaos in the making, this is not the path one should take in order for one, their opinion to be heard, or two, to get people to like you. Getting in people’s way was the only thing the protest managed to do, besides anger people.

Disrespect is defined by Webster’s Dictionary  as “To show or express contempt for.” There was almost nothing but contempt on campus during the protest. Not even counting the fights that broke out among the Trump and Hillary supporters, the hateful and disrespectful slurs and un-American actions are not to be tolerated. The American flag was vandalized. “At the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, a U.S. flag on Wednesday morning was defaced with “Fuck you” written on it” according to the Knoxville New Sentenial. What. Not to mention the Pride Center, the gay community’s dedicated building’s flag was stolen once or twice. The Chancellor intervened and emailed all the student’s telling them to be more civil and respectful. When the American Flag, the one that the whole nation flies. UT campus, wake up and see your actions and behavior as they truly are. If you cannot be respectful unless you get your way…head back into reality and be appreciative that you live here where you do have freedom of speech. Let’s just execute it in a healthier, more productive way.


Facts are facts and opinions are debatable. Either option, most American people are seeing the difference of sides in the US. Hillary supporters are taking to the streets to protest something that they no longer have a say in. Trump supporters are crouching down trying to maintain friends with the ever-so-fiery Hillary supporters. Friendships have already been split and unfriended.People from both parties are scared of the other’s extremist. The people who take their candidate’s side way too literally or more harshly than ever intended by the candidate, the example of burning the flag would be an extremist. Sides are being chosen silently and folks are hushing up after backlash after backlash is posted, commented, and shared on social media sites. This defeats the American pride. We are all Americans and we all love dogs remember? Well if a Trump supporter loves dogs, and Hillary supporters or the Third party people out there, love dogs… Then guess what, we all have something other than being an American in common. We need to quit detouring people from showing their interest and political affiliations, it’s just their own opinion! Campus protest do nothing but segregate our campus, some forcing others to choose sides and fight? Fighting during “peaceful protest” is not a way to accomplish anything. Protest detour Americans from talking to the other side and possibly learning something beneficial. We cannot tell someone they are wrong for voting for Hillary or tell someone they are wrong for voting for Trump. It is an opinion. The first thing you learn about facts and opinions is that facts can be proven, but opinions can’t, thus bringing turmoil and misery from divided families, communities and the country. We need to be one nation under God, or we may divide and friendships, partnership, and whole families may divide and lose our quality of life, and of family.

protester-mask.jpg     In conclusion, from what we see, there is no positive effect of protesting on campus. It encourages unruly and unbecoming behavior in young adults. Is this community of angry protestors the young adults we want to send into the workforce to become bankers, lobbyists, and sales reps.? The losing side can practice taking a loss in a healthier and more beneficial way, and in a way that can create a better conversation where one another feels respected and valued as a person. Like a meeting indoors to calmly discuss and learn from one another’s opinions. Perhaps even a social event where politics are discussed over mug decorating, because who doesn’t like some kind of hot beverage and need a mug to hold it? What is maybe the healthiest of all the resources available are UTK’s de-stress puppies for finals week. You know, because dogs bring us all together.Protests are not the best method of speaking out against something, and should not be allowed on campus because it disrupts, disrespects, and deters students in a majorly negative way. I hope you guys will put aside your strong beliefs and realize that there is more to a person than who they vote for. Ask them why they voted for who they did, then go hug a puppy.


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