Instructions for Your Blog

This is the excerpt for your very first post. … More Instructions for Your Blog


Freedoms Nationwide Are On Your Side

There are many different types of freedoms available to college students in the United States. Choosing to practice these freedoms or not practice them is also your freedom. Among these many freedoms are freedom of religion, freedom for unreasonable search and seizures, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of speech. Freedom … More Freedoms Nationwide Are On Your Side

Are Echo Chambers Leading to the End of Open Debate?

  Since their creation Colleges and University have been locations of academic learning and intellectual discussion.  Its purpose was to promote thought on issues and be a location where rational debate could take place and free speech would could lead to a better, or at least more educated future.  The issue however is that this … More Are Echo Chambers Leading to the End of Open Debate?

Trigger Warnings Trigger Better Classrooms

Trigger warnings are a constant battle between good and evil. Universities all over the nation agree to disagree that trigger warnings are useful or too soft for college students. A lot of professors will argue that their students should be grown up enough to handle touchy subjects, but they are only considering themselves. What if … More Trigger Warnings Trigger Better Classrooms